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Address: 49 High Street Wanstead

Ground Sun design, supply and install heat pumps, screw piles and other renewable technologies that save you money with the added benefit of reducing your carbon footprint.

We  are UK agents and distrubutors for Ochsner Austrian manufactured heat pumps. We are also certified installers and distributors for Kensa - the only UK manufactured heat pump.

We provide a design and build construction service for all types of residential and commercial projects. With an emphasis on 'green construction' we offer expertise in helical screw pile installation, SIP (Structural Insulated Panel) construction, heat recovery and underfloor heating.

Ground Sun can therefore ensure that your renewable technologies are integrated to maximum efficiency within your building and that your building is a smart, low cost building to run for the future.

Please call us on: 020 8989 7134, or e-mail: