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Address: Business Head | Kenwater House | Red Hill Farm | Wateringbury | Kent | ME18 5LB

What we do
Our portfolio ranges from ensuring fair office equipment prices (such as IT, Telecoms and Reprographics) to filling a void in your company and providing technology strategy. The aforementioned products and services are vital to the operation of just about all modern organisations however large or small. Furthermore their requirement of capital investment and ongoing maintenance can be a large part of an organisations budget.
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Business Head was conceived in 2007 and was as a result of being asked to assist an East Sussex based law-firm. They were a small company who had recently had a change in staff. We engaged with them to review multiple finance (lease) contracts for office equipment products (IT, Photocopying, Digital Dictation and Telephones) and also the many invoices they were receiving regularly for the servicing of this equipment.

The findings revealed their former Office Manager had been misled by an unscrupulous Sales Person and the company were now committed to a financial agreement with a lease company for seven years at around £750.00 per quarter. Our investigations had uncovered a “shady deal” which using our skills and experience we were able to unwind the agreement (dealing with all parties involved) with a net saving of £20,000 for the solicitors!