Eton Manor Business Forum

Eton Manor Business Forum

The Eton Manor Business Forum is a non-profit making business network group set up and run by existing members of Eton Manor Rugby Club.

E.M.B.F. is a network group designed to provide a platform for all members of the club to both promote their own businesses and services, whilst also allowing us to source any such needs from within the club membership.

A further benefit of the group being to promote the club within both the local residential and business communities. As such we also encourage local businesses to attend even if they are not club members.

We would love to see as many club members and non-members as possible. Why?

  • Support the club and its members
  • Promote your business
  • Generate leads and new contacts
  • Source local professions and services
  • Advertise to the club membership on the EMBF website
  • Regular monthly meetings on varying formats

For enquiries please email: